Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

The AMPS Institute was founded on the idea that positive change in our world would come through the youth. The playwright Jane Wagner said, “All my life I have wanted to be somebody, but now I see I should have been more specific.” The world is made up of two kinds of people: those who practically yank the pacifier from their mouth to announce career plans and get on the fast track before they are out of diapers, and those who need to take a little time and a few detours while searching for their particular spot in the universe. We provide young people with a new paradigm awareness that they can control their destiny, not the other way around.

The AMPS Institute delivers programs centered on the Roadmap to Entrepreneurship Excellence. These entrepreneurial points are based on the notion that the tools necessary for starting a successful business reside in all of us; we need to recognize them and harness the strength in them. Our programs are based on the lifetime of success people have experienced for generations.

While much of what we do takes place in a classroom setting, the key to success is the collection of programs and collaborative technology platforms we have introduced to maintain long-term relationships that empower our students beyond the classroom. We intend to inspire purposeful action that gives young people the desire and ability to control their destiny and build the life of their dreams.

The founder of the AMPS Institute, James Amps, is a pioneer in youth empowerment with over 20 years of experience working directly with over 1.2 million youth nationwide and worldwide. AMPS Institute’s overall goal is to deliver life-altering programs that engage and inspire young people to take action and play an active role in pursuing happiness and success.


The mission of the A.M.P.S. Institute is to provide the basic knowledge needed for youth to compete successfully in a free-market system through innovative leadership techniques and entrepreneurial real-world experiences.

AMPS Entrepreneurship Institute


  • To equip students with a set of portable entrepreneurial and leadership skills that include critical thinking, observing, writing, planning, marketing, team building and financial literacy, with a technological basis.

  • To make participants aware of entrepreneurial opportunities through exploring activities that reveal market conditions.
  • To provide students with entrepreneurial skills so that they may gain an advantage in the business world and incentive to continue their education.
  • To teach the importance of and the means to create capital ownership, wealth and economic control within a community.
  • To prepare a class of future entrepreneurial thinkers (especially in urban and rural areas) who can enhance business growth, create jobs, develop community resources, and stimulate the national economy.